Flutter app for connecting and controlling IoT devices

Hello. I’m

Souvik Biswas.

Mobile App Developer

PYTHON, Dart, Java &

C++ Programmer



TEchnical writeR


Technical Writer @ FlutterFlow

Creating articles and blog posts about FlutterFlow and Flutter.


Building sample apps, creating walkthroughs/recipes that show users how to build different apps.

Working on the documentation of FlutterFlow.

Co-founder of Sofia

Have been working on this as a side project for around 2 years. It's a mobile app built using Flutter, integrated with various services, like MUX, Dialogflow, MLKit, and many more for providing functionalities.

Get to know more about it in the Projects section below.

Freelance developer and technical writer at various companies

Worked as a Flutter developer at two companies: Vorpy & Crushly. Published 100+ articles across various blogs having 800K+ views. Some of the companies that I'm working with:


Apart from this, I also publish various articles on Medium.

Have worked on a number of cross-platform and native apps, as well as various tools

You can find some of the native as well as some cross-platform apps on my GitHub profile. Apart from this, I have also worked on some projects during my internship in the Flutter app development and native Android app development. Have some knowledge about iOS development as well.

Check out my video_trimmer Flutter package.

Love open source contribution on GitHub

Have contributed to a number of open-source projects on GitHub. Participated in Hacktoberfest in the year 201820192020 & 2021. Also, maintain a Git repo of my own consisting of various tutorials as well as some small innovative projects.



Some of the achievements that I have earned throughout my journey in coding are mentioned below

Flutter Create Certificate image.png

Received the Flutter Create Certificate for submitting an app prototype called Day to Day.

The challenge was to create something interesting, inspiring, and beautiful with Flutter using 5KB or less of Dart code.

My submission was exactly 4.916KB (after zipping)

The project is available here.

Received the Udacity Secure & Private AI Challenge Scholarship '19.

I was one of the
5000 selected applicants for this scholarship by Udacity and Facebook and successfully completed this 3 months course.

Got to learn a lot about the new and cutting edge technology used to secure our digital footprint.


To learn more about my achievements in detail, go to the page here.




" Your AI Powered Personal Yoga Instructor "

Sofia is a real-time interactive YOGA instructor, allowing anyone to harness the benefits of yoga from any place in the world.

Sofia will ensure that however busy a person might be, they spend at least 50 mins of their day in physical activity and mental exercises. It's time for people from all walks of life to start paying attention to physical as well as mental fitness.

There are yoga tracks for beginners as well as Power Yoga tracks for a workout. Now, more than ever, we need our immune systems to function better. We have the immunity booster yoga track. The cardiovascular track helps increase blood flow to the muscles. The stress release track will make you feel relaxed and peaceful.

You can learn more about the app here.


Mastering Cube - Cube Solving Guide

Mastering Cube is an app for learning how to solve Rubik's Cube step-by-step easily and rapidly.


The app has two methods for solving the Cube:

1. Basic Method (for beginners)
Fridrich Method (for advanced, fast solving)

This app also has beautiful colored illustrations of the state of the cube at each step.

So, what are you waiting for? Just download and get started on your journey of solving Rubik's Cube.

Features to be deployed in the future:

1. Customized stopwatch for increasing your solving speed
2. Better design
3. Shortest algorithm finder for a particular state to the solved state

Get it from here.

A Flutter package for trimming videos. This supports retrieving, trimming, and storage of trimmed video files to the file system. Also, supports conversion to GIF.

The documentation for the package is available here.

You can check out the package on

There are a lot more projects that I have worked on, you can check them out here.





Android Developer

4+ years of experience

Have a good understanding of Android Architecture Components, Navigation Component, Constraint Layout, and Lifecycle. Mostly follow the Material Design guidelines for creating UI designs for Android.


Worked on various open-source projects. Developed a number of prototype apps using Firebase Auth and Cloud Storage, as well as the local database.


Also, published an app in the Google Play store.


Flutter Developer

3+ years of experience

I have been developing various cross-platform apps focused on the platforms: iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and WearOS devices.

Have been working on integrating Flutter with various other systems/services like IoT devices, blockchain, etc.

Also, created few packages using Dart, the most well know of them is the video_trimmer package.

You can also find numerous articles on Flutter written by me.

Google Cloud Developer

1+ year of experience

I have been practicing Cloud Development using Qwiklabs and Google Cloud Platform.

Have used various APIs provided by GCP, like Directions API, Calendar API, Dialogflow API, etc. and integrated them into a mobile app.

I was also the Google Cloud Facilitator of our institute for the "30 Days of Google Cloud" program, under this I got to mentor the students who participated in this program. I have also got to learn a lot during this journey.

Check out my Qwiklabs profile here.

Apart from these, I have used various services provided by Firebase like AuthenticationCloud Firestore, Storage, Hosting, MLKit, Crashlytics, App Distribution, etc. extensively in various applications. I have knowledge of using some tools like Docker, AWS, SQLite.

I have extensive knowledge of creating CI/CD pipelines to build, test, and deploy apps. Worked on various cutting edge technologies introduced by Codemagic including codemagic.yaml, and also some integrations like AWS Device Farm, SonarQube, etc.

My designing skill set includes PhotoshopSketchAdobe XD for prototyping app UI designs.

Also, use GitHub for managing my daily workflow, and maintain some goods projects. You can check them out here.

(mostly interested in Flutter projects at the moment)

Have an awesome app idea?

not taking up new projects at the moment


13/B, Eastern Park, 1st Road, Santoshpur, Kolkata - 700075, India


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