This is a cross-platform app created using the Flutter framework. You can use this to connect to any IoT devices with the help of Bluetooth. And, then can send and receive messages to-and-fro the connected device.

The app has been tested with an Arduino connected to a Bluetooth module (HC - 05), which in turn is attached with a 5V relay and sockets. So, this set up can be used to turn on/off electronic appliances attached to those sockets.

When the device doesn't have the Bluetooth turned on, for Android, it can be directly turned on from here. In iOS, clicking on the Bluetooth icon will lead to the settings from where it can be turned on.



The Bluetooth is turned on, but no paired devices or scanned devices are found

Bluetooth permission request

Paired devices (only applicable for Android), and it is also scanning for more devices that are not paired but are present nearby.

This is the page where it shows all the devices that are configured, more devices can be added by using the + FAB button (on the bottom-right corner).

Here you can also turn on/off devices, and edit already configured devices.


More devices can be added from this page. This adds the device globally (that means while connecting to other Bluetooth modules you will have access to all the pre-configured devices).


You can edit the screen from this page, i.e., update the room selected, and the power on/off message. Also, you can delete the device.


Delete dialog box

Get access to the entire codebase (written in pure Dart) of the Flutter app with full UI designs and the entire set of functionalities described above. Also, includes the Arduino code for getting started *


BONUS Content

You will get access to the GitHub private repository of this app, which includes future updates or fixes (if necessary).

* The app is fully functional with both Android and iOS devices, with some limitations on the iOS side.

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